Introducing Hey Presto Tankless
Instant HOT Water TAP Systems.

This is simply a Hot & Cold Water Tap.
No Water Heating tank required
The Tap itself will deliver instant continuous hot water.
Can be installed in any place where YOU need hot water.
Hey Presto Systems Advanced technology eliminates hot water storage tanks – saves power and water.
Designed and manufactured with features like no other.
The mixer Tap providers instant Hot Water on demand
BUY NOW  $299.00

Class: Water Heater.
Product: Instantaneous Hot Water tap.
Trade Name: Hey Presto.
Catalogue/Model No(s) A8-1; A8-2.
Rating: 230-240 V a.c;50Hz;10A;2400W;IPX4.
Standard No:AS.NZS 60335.2.35:2004+A1with
AS/NZS 60335.1:2002+A1+A3.


  • Simply fits any sink top connects to any 10 amps –normal power point and Hey Presto Instant Hot Water.
  • Easy to install use in your home-caravan-office-outdoors-boat –shed- granny flat connect to any water supply and Hey Presto.
  • Saving on Energy  Power is ONLY used when you use hot water, NOT 24 hours per day like a standard tank heater.
  • SAVING ON WATER  No water wasted while waiting for the cold to get hot.
  • Savings on space. The appliance installs directly onto sink top. It is small and efficient. NO waste of space.
  • Savings on Maintenance. Advanced technology construction eliminates any lime or mineral build upon the element or heat exchange chamber.
  • Environmental savings The efficient operation eliminates noxious emissions from gas and oil heating.
  • Health benefits Reduces bacterial contact from sedimentation buildup.
  • Safety Assurance Hey Presto electric Taps incorporate an operational systems and safety that provides the safest appliances on the market today.
  • Continuous Hot Water The TAP produces hot water instantly and continuously on demand for as long as needed.
  • Saves YOUR MONEY No large hot water storage tanks eating up your electricity bill, Save 90%!!!!